About Us

The company Biancalani Srl was founded in 1946 by Elio Biancalani in Sesto Fiorentino, in the immediate vicinity of Florence. It is exactly the cultural and handcrafted Florentine heritage, rooted from the Renaissance, to direct the company to what today represents the core business: the artistic decoration on blown glass and porcelain!

Originally decorations were executed with silver. Then we changed, and in the early '60s, decorations started to be made with gold, using the "three fires technique". It has been representing the mainstay of the company, thanks to its greatly crafted, abilities and time required. The processing is exclusively handmade using precious enamels and 24-karat gold.

Over the years the company has significantly changed, expanding Italian market and opening up the export market. The ever-changing consumers tastes, the never-ending style research and market developments have led the company to increase its production, creating new decorations alongside the traditional ones, in the realization of home and lighting furnishings.
 All our decorations, even if in different styles, are characterized by uniqueness, subtlety and refinement, never neglected imperatives that allow today to satisfy even the most demanding customers. The productive process is entirely handmade and the materials choice is dictated by a single standard: the pursuit of the best quality!

Each product is unique, of rare beauty and individually-built. These peculiarity allow the Biancalani Srl and its customers to share a common passion for uniqueness and exclusivity!
All these requisites, are reached with a perpetual excessive attention of excellence, marking each item with the highest quality that made in Italy artistic tradition can offer!